Lemon-Cream, HoneyDun Dilution, the Coffee Creams and Wtf


Not Lemon, split silver-gold, father of silver millefleur line, he throws silver and fathered the silver millie line. Wasn’t bred to lemon hens since 2021 which made silver millies.


  Precious borrowed 2022 from Cathy  



 CreamPot the Cream Prince, Lemon bred by Cathy from Precious out of original stock, my this year's (2023 ) lemon cockerel he seemed to throw lemons.

 2023 bred. From James’s cock pen, thought lemon,  collected last visit – he’s very similar in shape and pattern to the breeding lemon 2023 at James’s.  He'll improve a bit typewise but he's much stronger colour than CreamPot or James’s.

 James’s 2023 lemon breeder – he threw lemons – probably a Precious baby,   


More Not Lemons



Wtf as a baby he looked much more red then and a few weeks later plus a month or so later again and  turning less red more cream with maturity,

Coffee Cream – cream and dun millefleur, N.B no autosomal or mahogany red at all.  Possibly HonneyDun x Sumo.


I am pretty sure Coffee Cream is Honeydun's baby by Sumo (because of the squashed cushion shape) split  silver-gold + blue. So theoretically CC could be split silver though I don't think so.  N.B the red from the breast and the red shoulders of Sumo is all gone in Coffee Cream. This yellow-shouldered male was Honeydun's brother, his  shoulder is about the same colour as HonneyDun, N.B there's no red there either.  (You see the likeness in stamp with your nice millefleur cock and a few others.


   Honeydun’s daughter homozygous dun.


2023 chick – could this be a female Coffee Cream


HoneyDun hatched 2020, 2023 moult revealing shading of cream colour.


Honeydun as pullet

HoneyDun 2020 showing somewhat shaded ground colour. She is the foundation hen for all things dun.


Cream black pullet. Cream almost completely removes the red. Otherwise this pullet would probably be the same colour as her dun-red full sibling.  By dun-red cock to dominant white x millefleur

CoffeeCreams are not lemon (ig/ig) nor wheaten.