Spangled Wyandotte cockerel

Spangled Breeding 2017

The spangled are now breeding fairly true with quite a few even having yellow legs. There are few more willow and darker legs than I’d like but spangles and yellow legs are beginning to come together.

I am particularly impressed with their temperament.  They are calm and friendly .

Some of this year’s hatch20170617_155843 sss cockere;


20170617_200510 s

Gold Spangled Wyandotte cockerel

20170715_170657 s

20170715_164230 s

Gold Spangled Wyandotte cockerel

20170715_165148 sss

20170715_165022 s

20170715_165257 s 20170721_200951 S 20170721_200944 20170715_164515 ss 20170722_101327 s