Genetics Information Links

Some useful sites for poultry colour genetics and other information.


The Feathersite  Good illustrations of poultry breeds and colours – lots of nice ‘dotty pics – hope your Dutch is good!


The Classroom @ The Coop  Probably the best resource on poultry genetics online.  Anything you are wondering someone has already asked it and others tried to answer.

Poultry breeding calculator.  See illustrations of your proposed crosses.

General Genetic & Breeding Information, sex-linked, blue genetics, colours

Poultry Genetics for the Nonprofessional.   Great for beginners to breeding

Grant Brereton’s Facebook genetics page

Keeping Chickens, breeding, genetics and so on

Hutt, Genetics of the Fowl A great read, Available online!

My old Wyandottes website “Sedgwick hens and bantams”  Poultry forum for advice and information especially for the backyard or garden poultry keeper.

The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet in the UK for treatment of many diseases including arthritis, cancer, diabetes heart disease and digestive problems.

 Sedgwick Stuff

What is to become of the west wing of Sedgwick Park: pics of my garden in chaos

And other things