My favourite Wyandottes: Partridge

The pullet-breeder strain of Wyandottes have  gorgeous cockerels, real pheasant colours (domestic chickens are species of pheasant) and their wives are the prettiest of hens with delicate filigree of concentric laced markings.

I have been keeping these beautiful birds for 20 years and they are still my favourite variety.

 Pullet breeders or cock-breeders

Cock breeder Wyandotte Partridge
Cock breeder Wyandotte Partridge

Much as I love the cock-breeder males their hens aren’t a patch on the pullet-breeders. So I stick to the latter and their males still look fantastic strutting round with their flock. Find out more about double mating, pullet breeders and cock-breeders

Broodies and chicks sm

Partridge Wyandottes in UK v USA

In the UK Partridge Wyandottes are very similar in colour to their wild red jungle fowl ancestor. In North America their partridges are what we call red partridge in the UK; yet again the Americans and English fail to agree their common language!

Partridge Wyandotte Pair
Pair of UK/European Partridge Wyandottes
Partridge USA 1925
Partridge USA 1925 An old print of early Partridge Wyandottes



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