braungebandertAdult Braungebändert a German variety of Waandotte.

In Holland Brown partridge/Meerzomig bruinpatrijs

Meerzomig bruinpatrijs female



Meerzomig bruinpatrijs


A Google translation of www.sv-braungeb-goldh-silberh-zwerg-wyandotten.de The pictures of the chicken feathers of  young cockerel may explain what the braungebändert is:

Chick rearing 2014 ” braungebänderte 1.0 in the 15th of the week”

braungebänderte side on




braungebändert with fine brown color base and neck , tail and rise and feingeperltem rose comb, wattles and the delicate rounded head shape with compact beak complete the overall picture. The color retention in the form of Hennenzeichung are very valuable for breeding, but disappear in the course of the next moult. Tip : now in studbook note !


Here the 1.0 in the chest with a fine view of brown ground color without black inclusions , these are listed by default as gross errors and lead to the exhibition to the touch b90 , however, can still be valuable for breeding at very brightened 0.1 . This is to be classified under the heading of compensation pairing. Every breeder must give themselves decide which features are in which breeding year improved. With superior shape and other attributes race can be a color borderline animal breeding of great value !

Shown here is a chest spring of 1.0 shown with excellent tripartition in brown, gray, sharply limited black band ( essential for Henn drawing) and the visible brown plumage already shown .

wing braungebändertIn this picture particularly highlight the excellent performance of the first primaries feathers. The 1.0 offers vitality , pen width and prima developed axial spring , so it can never be a wing gap. In addition, worth noting that this 1.0 has sufficient ink reservoir , which can be seen from the black Einlagerngen at the Innnenfahne .

Finally, a brief look at the races , bright yellow leg is now part of common knowledge in the discipline of our Braungebänderten and makes in most breeds no more problems. However Noteworthy is also the rear position of the toes , with particular emphasis on a deep approach derselbigen should be placed here .

Note the curved pattern in the tail of the female, male colour is as Braungebändert.

Pencilled Hamburgs
Harrison Weir Pencilled Hamburgs



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