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My mother bought me this when she saw my flock expanding, I think she saw it as a cautionary tale, just like when I showed interest in self sufficiency, which she knew would never work for me and bought me Hovel in the Hills – which put me off the idea. My flock is still within manageable proportions.

Love Among the Chickens was PG Wodehouse’s first novel.  It Introduces Ukridge one of his best known characters. A light and humorous tale about an early twentieth century couple trying to make a living from selling eggs,  Wyandottes being one of their breeds.

Edgar Wallace Mr Reeder series.

I googled Wyandottes and Horsham to see if Google had by any chance found my Sedgwick Common website yet. To my surprise I found a quote from a novel about a Mr Reeder who happened to be travelling from Victoria to Horsham contemplating Wyandottes, just as I have done many times; Who would have thought Horsham and Wyandotte in a novel! Maybe I will even read the book. 🙂

MR Reeder and Wyandottes

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