Blue Partridge Wyandottes

Partridge, Blue Partridge and Silver Pencilled for Sale

Partridge Wyandottes are a particularly beautiful variety. Silver pencilled is the silver version of partridge. Both colours also occur in a blue version.  They are productive, excellent layers of good size eggs and make characterful pets.

Blue Partridge Wyandottes
Blue Partridge Wyandottes

I usually have spare hens, cockerels and point of lay pullets for sale.   I keep several beautiful show quality standard colours and some new in development non-standard varieties. I am not a commercial breeder, it is just a hobby.

To find out what hens I have available for sale please call: 01403 268844.  If you would like to hatch your own I also have hatching eggs for sale.


Trios, point of lay pullets and cockerels.

Partridge, Blue Partridge and Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Bantams

(originally bred from Geoff Parker’s strain)

Millefleur Wyandottes


Chocolate Mottled Wyandotte PulletsYoung Chocolate Mottled Wyandotte pulletYoung Chocolate Mottled Wyandotte pullet